15 Delicacies To Make Your Holi More Colorful


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Excited for Holi? One more crazy festival is nearer. India is richest in cultures and traditions and we Indians enjoy the festivals fullest. This is the festival of colors and the festival of love as well. We enjoy coloring with each other and this is the day that brings more intimacy between us. Holi is celebrated with big zeal and enthusiasm all over the country. Indian festivals have one more specialty i.e. each and every festival is connected with special dishes. Here are some special dishes that have close connection with Holi. Enjoy this Holi with these delicacies and make your life more colorful.

15 Delicacies To Make Your Holi More Colorful :


1. Gujiya

Sweet dumpling made with suji or Maida flour wheat flour and stuffed with khoya.


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